From Past to Present

  • The first established dental clinic for oral health
  • The first clinic with branches on both sides
  • Experience passed down from generation to generation
  • Long-term staff who are part of the Dentamed Family

At our clinics:

  • The implementation of preventive dental care services,
  • Methods of preventing problems or preventing their progression,
  • Information on how to personally address potential negatives,
  • Information on how treatments can be applied when needed,
  • and the aim of providing healing treatments.


Dentamed started providing dental healthcare services as Turkey’s first dental polyclinic in Çiftehavuzlar in 1990, founded by Macit Karataşlı, Ertuğrul Oğuz, and Yakup Mete. Since its establishment, it has offered complete treatments in prosthetic, restorative, endodontic, periodontal, orthodontic, pedodontic, and oral implantology. In 1995, with the addition of Hüseyin Karataşlı as a partner, Dentamed opened its second branch in Etiler on the European side, continuing to meet the increasing patient demands successfully.

Although it has changed its location over the years, it still provides services on both sides of the city. It has adopted current treatment options in many branches and has been among the first practitioners of many in the country. Despite the opening of many alternative centers during its approximately 30-year corporate presence, Dentamed continues to provide the best dental health treatment alternatives to its patients without compromising its quality and service standards. As an institution that has served about 1 million patients to date, it will continue to serve for many years with its founding partners and their children, who have been trained as dentists, in line with their progressive and innovative vision from the first day.

Experienced Family

We are passing down our experiences from generation to generation. We place great importance on continuity of service quality through long-term collaboration with the same team.

Our Clinics

We are located on both sides of Istanbul, in easily accessible areas.
Dentamed Etiler

Dentamed Etiler Polyclinic

We have been serving in Etiler since 1994.

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Dentamed Suadiye

Dentamed Suadiye Polyclinic

Dentamed’s polyclinic on the Anatolian side, previously located in the Zülüflü İsmail Paşa mansion in Göztepe, continues to operate in the Suadiye neighborhood on Baghdad Avenue.

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Patient Rights

Your rights are our priority as the Dentamed family.

Your Rights

  • To be treated with respect and care
  • To learn about the status of your oral and dental health and the treatment you will receive in detail, if necessary
  • To recognize the names and titles of the physician and staff who serve you
  • To accept or refuse your treatment
  • To access all documents and paperwork related to you
  • To receive a response to your requests for assistance as soon as possible
  • To learn the cost of the health service provided to you
  • To demand that the service you receive is complete
  • To file a complaint if you do not approve of the treatment and behavior given to you

Your Responsibilities

  • Providing complete information about your oral and dental health, as well as your general health status as deemed necessary by your doctor
  • Treating your doctor and all personnel who serve you with respect
  • Requesting appointments during reasonable hours, except in case of emergency
  • Behaving in a way that does not disturb other patients
  • Complying with restrictions such as not smoking or using cell phones in clinics
  • Paying the full cost of the healthcare services provided to you.

Health Tourism

We have a Health Tourism Authorization Certificate for international visitors coming from abroad.
Dentamed Hasta Ziyareti

Click here to download our Health Tourism Authorization Certificate obtained from the Ministry of Health.

  • You need to have a negative PCR test result document taken within the last 1 week.
  • You need to bring your passport or ID with you.
  • You need to create an appointment request record via the form on our website.

At Dentamed, we provide the same treatments in both our Etiler and Suadiye clinics.

  • If you spend more time on the Anatolian side of Istanbul during your visits, you can create an appointment request record for Dentamed Suadiye.
  • If you spend more time on the European side of Istanbul during your visits, you can create an appointment request record for Dentamed Etiler.

Institutions We Are Affiliated With

At Dentamed, we provide service under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, the Turkish Dental Association, and the Istanbul Dental Chamber.
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