Conservative dental treatment is a dental treatment method that aims to treat the lost or damaged parts of teeth while preserving them as much as possible. This treatment restores the lost structure of teeth due to decay, fracture, crack, or other reasons and enables them to be rebuilt without disturbing their natural structure.

Conservative dental treatment can be applied by dentists with different methods. These include procedures such as filling, inlay, onlay, bonding, and veneer.

Filling is used to fill small cavities or damages in teeth. Inlay and onlay are used in the repair of large cavities or damages and are specially designed to fit the natural structure of the tooth. Bonding is used to correct minor damages or shape deformities of teeth. Veneer changes the color, shape, and size of teeth by covering their front surfaces.

Conservative dental treatment is applied in line with a treatment plan determined by dentists according to the condition and needs of the tooth. This treatment method helps to preserve the natural structure of teeth as much as possible during treatment and helps teeth to stay healthy.