Dt. Özge Karataşlı

Born in Germany in 1979, Dr. Ozge Karatasli graduated from Yeditepe University Faculty of Dentistry in 2003. In 2004, she applied for a doctorate at the Prosthetics Faculty of the same faculty and completed it in 2009. In terms of professional development, she participated in valuable events such as hypnosis training by Dr. Esref Muezzinoglu in 2010, applied implant training on cadavers in Vienna in 2011, basic and advanced implant/surgical training at Ankara Hacettepe in the same year, and jaw/joint disorders and solutions-themed training organized by Dr. Hanefi Kurt between 2014 and 2016. Since 2003, Dr. Ozge Karatasli has been a member of the DentaMed team and is an advanced speaker of English and German and a member of the Great Club.